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Connecting Families Strengthening   Parenting Training and Certification

A healthy, nurturing, and loving family does not happen all by itself. It takes a concerted effort from everyone in the household to create a family primed for a long future of growth and good times. Certified trainers train and certify community teams that assist family members in developing cooperative, healthy relationships with each other and connects families with schools, community partners, support agencies and community resources.

   Grant Writing & Business Development Workshops

Learn to write grants and develop your own business.

 Millions of $$$ in Grants & Contracts!  

Learn what it takes to own your own business!

Funding Sources Include:




GOVERNMENT (Federal, State and Local)

   Community Mobile Food Pantries

Partners with local food banks, community organizations and other community partners to provide food to those experiencing food insecurities.

Triumph Over Trauma

Become An Investor In Children, Families and Their Communities!

Healing Doesn't Mean The Damage Never Existed. It Means The Damage No Longer Controls Your Life.   -Anonymous

       Family and Community Conferences

Connecting Families Communities Conferences are life-changing family events. Rich fellowship, inspiring messages, and hands-on workshops. 

Youth Support Groups and Seminars

Study Skills, Anger Management, Anti-Bullying, Goals & Social Development, Parent(s) Connection, Rites-of-Passage for Youth Males and Females (Grades 4-12)

"Driving The Dream"

United Way of the Midsouth Partnership

Economic, Educational, Health and Social Support Services Are Available

If you are need of these services, complete the Contact Form

Connecting Families And Schools

Provides the essential link needed to assist in  the following areas:

  1. Educational Equity 

  2. Positive Educational Outcomes

  3. Safety Concerns

  4. Engaging Families with their children School for  Learning Success

  5. Creates and sustains community partnerships

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