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Community Mobile Food Pantries

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Partners with local food banks, community organizations and other community partners to provide food to those experiencing food insecurities.

   Families and Youth Strengthening Training

Emphasis on Youth Violence and Family Trauma

Provides long-term solutions with the collaboration of  community collaborative partners who are invested into strengthening families and communities. Community Stakeholders include faith-based organizations, law enforcers, community members, schools, social service agencies, juvenile/youth/teen groups, elected officials, businesses, etc.   C-FACT Train-the-Trainer Certification provides fundamental skills and techniques to assist families with increasing protective factors for strengthening families. 

Connecting Families Community Workshops and Conferences

  • Establishes social support networks that can reduce negative impact of stress on families

  • Addresses urgent social problems such as gangs awareness, bullying, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, alcohol/drug abuse, addictive behaviors, HIV/AIDS, STI's/STD's

  • Provides structured, personal highly interactive, fun and relationship bonding activities for families and participants

Economic Development

Grant Writing

Business Development

Community Development

Workforce Development

Program Development and Proposal Writing Workshops for individuals, communities, foundations, corporations and cities. 



Schools, Families and Community Connections

  • Schools and Parent(s) / Families Connection

  • Study Skills

  • Anger Management

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Goal Setting

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Right-of-Passage for Males and Females Youths in Grades 5-12

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